About me

Agustin Luna

Since his early days, Agustín Luna has been a promising figure in the Argentine musical and guitar scene. Now, this promise has become a reality that presents him as an authentic example of performer, arranger and composer.

Ever since his teens, he has mixed academia with a deep exploration of the musical languages of our land. That patient and, at times, painstaking search brought him close to those he considered his mentors. From them, he gained knowledge and experience that merged with his own skills.

Agustin’s restlessness in the pursuit of his musical roots is one of the traits for which I value him the most. To keep a culture alive, one must not be a mere spectator, but also a participant and creator.

Agustín Luna has made himself into an interpreter, commanding the subtle signs of musical languages and becoming a messenger of his people. As such, he combines an outstanding technique of academic and popular elements, blended with his own particular sound.

Luna displays a singular creativity in composition and interpretation due to his polyphonic command of the guitar. As a result of a deep study of the classics, the influence of composers such as Bach and Villa Lobos, intermingled with tango and folklore, can be heard in his music.

In a few words, Agustín is a mixture of virtuosity, sensitivity and emotion. 


In a country filled with excellent guitarists, he is an example worth following.

Juan Falú, july 2022.